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"His voice immediately reminded me of Randy Newman. As his set went on, Bruce Springstein's 'Nebraska' album came to mind. His lyrics evoke attention in a powerfully irresistible way...."

-- Matthew Hable, Alternative Cafe

"Tom Faia is truly an original, his lyrics and style prove it with every song and performance. Get ready to smile and dance !"

-- Carl Weintraub

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"If Tom Faia was a basketball player, you couldn't guard him because just when you think he is going one way, he crosses over and goes the other, leaving you to ponder 'how did he do that?' as he slam dunks another one on your head."

-- Matthew Arnett, General Manager, KRKC 104.9 FM

"He certainly has a sense of humor in his lyrics, and he cleverly handles songs about love's yearning with a tongue-in-cheek irreverence that could make anyone chill out when stricken with bouts of loneliness."

-- Beth Peerless, Monterey Herald